Dr. Francisco Carrasco Marín

Prof. Carrasco is the Chair of the Carbon Materials Research Group, Full Professor in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Granada since 2009. He has published, to date, 158 articles in international journals, with more than 5800 citations (index h: 39), in addition to several chapters in popular science books, he has presented around 200 communications to national and international congresses, 6 patents and has supervised 13 PhD students. His research has been focused in the synthesis, characterization and applications of different forms of carbon materials, activated carbons, carbon xerogels and aerogels, carbon micro and nanospheres, N, S, O, B and P doped carbons and metal-containing nanoparticles. He has made the most relevant contributions in the synthesis of high surface area porous carbons and in the modification of the surface chemistry in order to optimize their applications in the areas of catalysis, environmental protection and energy storage. Vice-president of the Spanish Carbon Group, board member of the Specialized Group of Adsorption (Spanish Royal Societies of Physics and Chemistry) and member of the Spanish Society of Catalysis, SECAT. ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2516-7806..